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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Text with flipped shadow effect

In this tutorial I will show you how you can create text with a nice rotated shadow effect.

To begin select the “Text tool” or press “T”. Now, write some text, for example, “Text” (without quotes). Then copy and paste the text and go to: Modify -> Transform -> Flip vertical. After that place the copied text right below the first text - see the picture below.

Now you have to make some effect for the flipped text. Select the flipped text and go to color panel. Then click the “Fill Options” button and select “Gradient” option. (Next two images)

Now, we have this situation.

You have to do this:

After you positioned the gradient line like it’s on the picture above, select the flipped text, go to the color panel and set these two colors – white (#FFFFFF) and light blue (#0099FF). Check the image below.

This way you have the text with great shadow effect. Of course, change the colors the way you like.


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